Drone Services

Drone Services

Using photogrammetry with Aeropoints ground control, we can offer a range of drone services including:

Provision of Digital Files

We can provide a range of digital files to suit your projects needs including aerial imagery, 3D textured maps, digital surface and terrain models and contour lines. With the use of Aeropoints ground control, each of these digital files can be accurately georeferenced.

Earthworks and Stockpile Volume Estimation

We can quickly deploy our drone into the field and capture an image of earthworks and stockpiles, enabling us to provide estimation of volumes. By completing further surveys over time, we can calculate, and report on extracted volumes and stockpile volume changes.

Preliminary Design

By deploying our drone services, we can quickly and accurately digitise an area of interest. Coupled with our design team, we can rapidly develop concept designs (including volume estimates) for roads, bridges, site drainage etc, to enable us to prepare feasibility studies, grant applications and options analysis.

Aeropoints Ground Control

With the use of Aeropoints, we can quickly and accurately gather ground control point data in the field without the need for third party surveyors or traffic control. This enables us to deliver georeferenced digital files with a high degree of accuracy.



Examples of our Drone Services work