Professional Services Panels

Professional Services Panel

We are a member of the following professional services panels:

  • NSW Procurement - Performance and Management Services.
  • NSW State Water Environmental Panel.
  • Local Government Procurement (NSW).
  • Local Buy (QLD).
  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads - Engineering Consultants Scheme.
  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads - Contract Administration.
  • Transport for NSW - Technical Services Scheme.
  • Transport for NSW - Infrastructure Audit Panel.
  • Armidale Regional Council – Provision of Professional Services.
  • Broken Hill City Council – Project Management Services.
  • Midcoast Council – Professional Services.
  • Tamworth Regional Council – Project Management Services.
  • Tenterfield Shire Council – Professional Services.
  • Toowoomba Regional Council - Transport Planning, Civil Design and Construction Management and Design Services.
  • Toowoomba Regional Council – Various Project and Commercial Advisory Services.
  • Upper Hunter Shire Council – Supply of Services.